Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hotel price 10/10 - 10/15


I%26#39;m looking for a nice hotel (4* if possible) near Times Square or Central Park south.

It seems prices are extremely high. I also used Pricewatch-bidding and went up to 230 dollar per night but without luck.

Any advice ?

(I%26#39;m happy the euro-dollar exchange rate is good for us Europeans)

Hotel price 10/10 - 10/15

Hi kevertje,

I believe most people on here would tell you to avoid staying in Time Square if possible. I recently returned from my first trip to NYC and would most definitely agree. You literally have to wade through crowds of people, mostly tourists, and there are so many other wonderful neighborhoods in which to stay. I would definitely check out places on the Upper West Side. It%26#39;s a lovely neighborhood where you would get a real New York experience. The experts on here often suggest the Lucerne.

I%26#39;m sure others far more knowledgeable then me will send you more information. The people on here are super!

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