Tuesday, December 13, 2011

shepard's park


Visiting Lake George for the 1st time after 10 years and can%26#39;t remember too much or remember exactly where Shepard%26#39;s Park is. Can anyone tell us if you need to arrive early, etc.. for entertainment or can you just go and find a spot ? Our 10 yr old son who plays viola discovered the Glen Falls Symphony will be in shepard%26#39;s park on July 13th when we are there so we would really like to take him. How big and how crowded is Shepards Park? Also heard parking is bad??. We are staying out of town at the RV Park so wondering if there are large public parking lots avail for nightly trips into town. Last time I remember trying to find street parking just outside of town and walking. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

shepard's park

Shepard%26#39;s Park is right on Canada Street (route 9 is the same) It is a beach, hill of grass, area for picnicing, outdoor carnivals etc. For decent seating I would arrive a good hour early for an event in you dont want to fight a crowd for upfront view. It%26#39;s not huge, but it is a decent size grassy area, at the bottom of it is the beach. Parking is always hard in Lake George, unless its out of season. From the RV Park, if you dont have a smaller vehicle then I would just grab the Trolley or a Taxi, it%26#39;s almost impossible to park an RV in town. The trolley stops at several spots throughout Lake George and the neighboring areas, which RV park are you staying at? They can give you the schedule there, or http://www.lakegeorge.net/other/trolley.html that is a partial schedule, not all stops are listed there, but that%26#39;s the only one I could find online. Hope this helps, let me know if I can help with anything else, have a great trip!

shepard's park

Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated. We are staying at the Lake George RV Park and I know they have limited trolley service, but wasnt sure how late the town trolleys they hook into run. Can%26#39;t wait to visit, I remember the lake being so clean and nice. Thanks again!

You%26#39;re welcome. L.G.RV is a great RV park, I%26#39;m sure you%26#39;ll have a great time. I do know the Trolley stops there, they%26#39;ll have the schedule posted for you, they are helpful about things like that. I created several inside pages under overview/inside pages covering everything from dining to shopping, that might help make your visit a little easier. Have a great trip!

how do I access the pages? sorry.. Thanks again, you got the kids excited to go!

You%26#39;re very welcome, Im glad they are excited! Go to the right of this page, click on Lake George Overview tab. It will show you all different overview/inside pages I wrote, from shopping to eating. www.lakegeorge.com also has alot of pics, as well as www.visitlakegeorge.com. Hope you have a great time!

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