Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Senior Women

Going to New York in October for a week and we want to know what would be a good alternative to one room with a roll out bed women or two rooms......We would like to spend around $2000/week. Any suggestions?

3 Senior Women

If you all want a separate bed, a one bedroom suite in a hotel can come with 2 beds in the bedroom and a sofabed. Not all sofabeds are comfortable. There are some suites with 2 bedrooms so everyone has a proper bed. A regular apartment is another option, but you%26#39;ve got the same bed/size options. The only difference is you might find a 2 bedroom apartment at that price easier than a 2 bedroom hotel suite. How senior/fit are you? Wondering whether stairs is a problem b/c some rental apts. are in buildings without an elevator.

One idea is the inn 1871 House. They should have some combination that would suit you and it%26#39;s a nice location.


For apt/hotels look at Affinia.com

For regular apts. look at cyberrentals.com

3 Senior Women

We stayed at the Affinia Dumont and you can get a room with two double beds and a sofabed. The sofabed in our room was quite comfortable. We loved the Dumont!

There is the Da Vinci Avalon in the Murray Hill area and it has continental breakfast included. It is supposed to be nice.

The Avalon has had some union problems and I would proceed with caution. There are plenty of other options.

I had heard about the bad attitude of their staff, but not about the union problems. Sorry!

There%26#39;s the Omni Berkshire place which is supposed to be nice and quiet. That would be more up your alley.

I don%26#39;t believe the Omni Berkshire will work for this particular trio: its 1-bedroom suites have a sofabed in the living room, but as I recall, the bedroom are all equipped with just 1 king bed.

For anybody else contemplating the Omni, pricing has sky-rocketed there in the past year -- a higher percentage jump than possibly any other hotel in Manhattan. Unless you can snag a room there during a great promo, it%26#39;s a place which I think is now appreciably over-priced at its average of $449-500/night for a room and more than $700/suite. The rooms are comfortable %26amp; attractively furnished but certainly not breathtaking, and although the concierge staff is excellent, the service elsewhere in the hotel often comes up short.

I saw a special for this summer for a double room. If you book 3 nights, you get one free. That amounted to 200$ canadian a night for 4 nights...800 canadian money. So that means about less in US money, maybe 60$ less with the exchange rate being what it is these days. Maybe they saw that the clients stopped coming and decided to backtrack with their prices......We sure can hope :)

I am taking my Mother and her friend (in their 80%26#39;s) in Sept. Try the Beekman Hotel on 49th and 1st. It is a great, safe location by the United Nations. It%26#39;s a very easy walk to Times Square, Park Ave., Lexington Ave (about 3 blocks), Rockefeller Center. It is considered Midtown East.

I have stayed at the Beekman, and they are all apartments. I have booked a 1 bedroom, and the couch folds out. They have nice kitchens, dining room, living room, bath. The neighborhood seems real safe and is considered very presigous.

I believe it is around $260.00 per night. It is part of the Affinia Group of hotels. I booked it through www.justnewyorkhotels.com. They do charge a fee, as their money goes through Singapore, but it was still cheaper this way. They are reputable, as I have used them before.

Travelideas, I wouldn%26#39;t consider the Beekman to be walking distance to Rock Center and Times Square for women in their eighties. But the crosstown bus runs along 49th Street, so it%26#39;s an easy trip. The eastbound bus runs along 50th Street so you can easily return home after a show.

For some reason your other post was bumped up....are you ladies all set...?

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