Tuesday, March 30, 2010

knowing the subway

We will be staying in Time Square. How should I learn how to ride the subway.... so I don%26#39;t waste time on arrival trying to figure it out. For example:

Subway into Brooklyn for the walk on the Bridge

Subway to Empire State Bldg.

Two adults and 2 children. 4 days. Should we buy a pass or something?


knowing the subway

How should you learn to ride the subway? Get on it!

Here%26#39;s GWB%26#39;s famous ';Idiot%26#39;s Guide to the Subway';

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k404879-鈥?/a> New_York_City_New_York-New_York_City_New_York.html

Everything you ever wanted to know about the NYC subway system, but were afraid to ask!

How tall are the kids? Children approx under 4 feet ride for free.

Here%26#39;s GWB%26#39;s famous ';Idiot%26#39;s Guide to walking the Brooklyn Bridge';

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k508533-鈥?/a> _Idiot_s_guide_to_the_Brooklyn_Bridge_please-

Includes subway directions.

Personally, I%26#39;d walk to the ESB from Times Square. It%26#39;s about three-fourths of a mile.

20 street blocks = approx 1 mile. So, the distance from 44th Street to 34th Street = approx a half mile. Then you add an avenue or two. Walk down Broadway and make a left on 34th Street to Fifth Avenue.

knowing the subway

There is not a four day subway pass (there are weekly passes), though you could buy a $10 card (5 trips) which gets you 1 trip for free. That may be best. If you plan on riding a lot, the weekly pass may actually be cheaper, (I think it%26#39;s $24, maybe $27, check the MTA site) you can give it to someone when you leave.


Whoops, QB, wrong link -- I think that is the post that requested (and thus produced) my Idiot%26#39;s Guide -- But thanks for the kind words about it!

Here you go Anne - read this:

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k405666-鈥?/a> New_York_City_New_York-New_York_City_New_York.html

Hi Anne,

We never did figure out the subway system but just went with the flow and enjoyed every minute. Though I do think my husband was slightly frustrated by our ineptness. I would suggest taking a compass along. With no horizon it%26#39;s quite confusing when you come up out of the subway.

And Time Square to Empire State Building is an easy walk.

No compass is needed if you know the direction of travel of the traffic on the street where the train runs.

Eighth Avenue traffic runs north.

Seventh Avenue traffic runs south.

Sixth Avenue runs north.

Broadway runs south.

Lexington Avenue runs south. Admittedly, the #6 runs under Park Avenue South below 42nd Street, and that is a two-way street-- but since Grand Central and the Met Life building straddle the street at 42nd Street and can%26#39;t be missed, you will have your landmark there.

Here%26#39;s another tip about riding the subway:

Please feel free to get up and move if you are in a car that smells bad, is not air conditioned, etc. There is NO NEED TO SUFFER! You are not assigned to the subway seat. You will not be insulting or offending anyone if you get up and change your seat. If you stay in an unpleasant situation, we%26#39;ll all just think you%26#39;re foolish.

Ugh, I%26#39;ve seen so many tourists the past couple of weeks who stay in cars that stink, or are hot, or are populated with haranguing panhandlers and preachers. Do they stay out of politeness, exhaustion? I have no idea.

Meanwhile, all the locals are getting up out of their seats and waiting by the doors to switch cars at the next station.

By the way, for anyone else reading, please don%26#39;t get so drunk that you end up passing out on the train at 1 AM and heading to Queens, when you really want to get to the Upper West Side. This happened last weekend - me, my spouse and another local redirected 3 completely blitzed young men who had drifted into slumberland on the E train. Poor guys. Pretty amusing, really. High entertainment value for us!

Of course, this may have absolutely no bearing on your trip whatsoever. I just needed to vent. Thanks.

Good points, Q Blvd, about moving to another car - just don%26#39;t move while the train is moving. Wait until it pulls into a station. Get up, move to the doors nearest the front or rear of a car, wait by the doors until they open and then get out and move to next car.

And if you%26#39;re going to be hopping on and off subways or buses a good deal, then the $24 unlimited 7 day travel metro card may very well be the right card for you. Enjoy and have a great trip

Ta. MMM!

Just to add, moving to a different car while the subway is moving (through the internal doors) is actually now illegal. Do as the person said, wait until the train stops and just move to another car.

One suggestion I might make for familiarizing yourself before your trip - hang out on www.hopstop.com for a bit.

I have been living in the city for a few years and this website still comes in very handy. You put in your starting location and then your desired destination and it will tell you exactly where to walk and what train(s) to take. You can always put intersections (47th %26amp; Broadway) or places of interest in as well and it will recognize your location.

Depending on the stop, it may even offer a 360 photo of what the area should look like when you come above ground.

One more great feature of Hopstop just added - you can put two destinations in and it will calculate what your taxi fare should be. (approximate of course.)

Also, if you happen to have a PDA or Blackberry, Hopstop is available to use through that device as well.

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