Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Asking question again


I am desperate to find a hotel in New York...Any resonable priced..only there for a few days..Or if you receommend staying a bit out as its cheaper, I dont mind but I want to be able to travel to Central Park, Hop on and Hop off Bus Tours, etc, very easily..



Asking question again

Depends what you call %26#39;reasonably priced%26#39;.

Here are some budget hotels I%26#39;ve stayed in and found them to be clean and comfortable and near subways:



Also you could try www.radiocityapartments.com and on my next visit I%26#39;m intending to stop at Chelsea Lodge www.chelsealodge.com which although you have your own shower you do have to share a toilet.

Asking question again

Another idea is to try bidding on priceline www.priceline.com - before bidding check out www.betterbidding.com or www.biddingfortravel.com for help and advice

I have a wife and a small baby so I want a decent hotel...with private bath and shower..

Also is it worth stayin in the surburbs? Then how do we travel to the heart of the city?

Someone else will have to advise you on staying in Jersey City as I never have done - if you do a search for Jersey City you may find some pasts posts on the subject.

The Hotel Newton is on the Upper West Side and has it%26#39;s own en-suites - I think they have junior suites which may be better suited for you and the baby.

Also the Radio City Apartment has one-bed suite again with their own facilities and kitchenettes so they might be ideal for you and they%26#39;re in Mid-town - I%26#39;d definately check that out.

Here%26#39;s one post to get you started :)


It would be helpful if you gave a budget. Of course it is preferrable to stay in Manhattan, but staying in Jersey or Queens is not the end of the world.

Well..i dont know the hotels and bugets, but I am looking at 拢250 for 3 nights which is approx $455.

Basically I want to know if I stay in New Jersey, Brooolyn etc, it will cheaper, but I dont want to be lost, I want to be near a Subway.


I%26#39;m not sure you understand how big things are.

You are asking about New Jersey like it is a town. It is a large state. So where in New Jersey have you been looking and what are the prices? Not all towns in New Jersey are convenient to subways or New York. Some are. Jersey City where the Hyatt on the Hudson is located is very convenient to lower Manhattan, just one subway stop away. The hotel is beautiful with lovely views of Manhattan, but it may be out of your price range.

What are your travel dates? Other than the hop on, hop off tour what else are you planning on seeing? Since you are traveling with a baby, will you need to take periodic breaks at your hotel?

These are factors to take into consideration.

Your budget is on the extreme low side, depending what time of year you are coming it may be tough to get something nice.

What hotels have you considered and rejected?

Thanks for the info regarding New Jersey..I am getting a better picture slowly...

I am coming on the 16th Sep leaving 19th Sep for LA...

I had a look The Hotel Newton which has caught my eye...any one know abt it?

I have rejected alot of hotels through price or locations or reviews from here...

I stayed at the Newton in Nov 2004. It is budget accommodation (slightly fraid round the edges) but it was very clean and I would stay here again. The subway stop is right outside the hotel and it takes about 10 mins in to Time Sq but the UWS itself is a lovely area to be in.

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