Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Me and my 14 and 11 yr old sons

Hi I travel to NY at least 2x a year but this is my first trip with my sons. They love sports and action. So far we are going to see our HOME TEAM Chicago White Sox vs Yankees and plan on visiting the NBA store, ESPN and the ESB. I need other suggestions. Like their mother, my sons love to shop except our clothing choices are totally different. They like urban gear esp Girbaud, etc, where can I find those items discounted. On another note I really want to visit Woodbury Commons this time and I am thinking about renting a car for one day and driving there vs the bus. Any thoughts? I am staying on 49th street, are there any car rental places close by. Thanks much

Me and my 14 and 11 yr old sons

Oops I forgot, how is Coney Island??

Me and my 14 and 11 yr old sons

Other suggestions:

%26gt;Top of the Rock (at Rockefeller Center)

%26gt;The Intrepid air and space museum

%26gt;a ride on ';the beast'; (speed boat)

%26gt;go kayaking for free on the Hudson River

%26gt;Chelsea Piers is a huge sports complex if they want to do some sports.

%26gt;Check out Bowlmor.com for nightime bowling

%26gt;Go to a SHOW! Maybe Stomp or Blue Man Group. Look for discounts on broadwaybox.com

I think renting a car for Woodbury is not a bad idea. It gives you more fliexibility to come and go as you please and a place to store your purchases. I don%26#39;t know if the bus cos. give discounts for teens so if you had to pay full price for them, a car might come out the same price or better. Just make sure the stores there are ones you all like.

Here%26#39;s a good previous post on Coney Island. You might consider going on a Fri. night to see the fireworks.


Thanks, I thought about the fireworks on Friday nights at Coney Island but we are going to the Yankees game that night. The other items sound very interesting.

Do u know where sony wonderlabs is??

Renting a car to go to Woodbury Common is a good idea. It is a not difficult less than one hour drive from Manhattan. I don%26#39;t know if they have been but boys your son%26#39;s age are interested in the Egyptian and Armor sections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Sony WonderLab is located on 56th Street and Madison Avenue and is free!


PS There is also an Adidas store on Wooster Street and Cnetury 21 discount shopping centre, which may be of interest to yous.

I highly recommend the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. The site is: www.intrepidmuseum.org You actually tour the WW2 Navy aircraft carrier, which is amazing in itself. You can also ride in the A-6 Cockpit Simulator, the Virtual Flight Zone, or tour the inside of the world鈥檚 fastest commercial airplane, Concorde. There are spy planes aboard too. There is a Mc. Donald%26#39;s aboard too. This ship is huge! Check out the website and see if your boys would be interested, have fun! Also, have you taken them to see the Museum of Natural History? So much to see, its not an ordinary museum. http://www.amnh.org/

Right now they are featuring Lizards and Snakes Alive! If your boys like reptiles then they%26#39;ll love this! Again check out the website and see what you think. Enjoy the Yankees game!!

For a one-day rental, you can try Zipcar or Whizz.



Otherwise, as I%26#39;m sure you know, you don%26#39;t need a car in NYC.

You can also see a Liberty game. They are our women%26#39;s b-ball team. They%26#39;re not very good, sorry to admit, but they (and the fans) are very enthusiastic! It%26#39;s great for kids, and the prices are super-cheap! Plus, you get to see a pro basketball game in Madison Square Garden!! P.S. Lots of teen girls go to these games. ;o)


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