Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Restaurant Advice.

Just finished reading most of the 54 pages of the restaurant thread and it really got me excited to try some new restaurants.

I%26#39;ve never visited the nicer NYC restaurants in the past because I was afraid my country-bumpkin Texan upbringing would be so apparent! Would y%26#39;all suggest we go ahead and do it? I don%26#39;t want to look uncouth to the sophisticated NYer%26#39;s.

Restaurant Advice.

By all means do it - some of the best chefs and food in the world is right here.

Here%26#39;s a great web site to help you decide where to go . . .


Restaurant Advice.

you will not look uncouth and you should definitely do it! eating in new york%26#39;s amazing restaurants should be high on the list of things to do in the city! you%26#39;ll enjoy it.

happy eating!







Def go for it!

The reviews on Chowhound and Menupages are very helpful.

Are there any ones in particular you have questions about?

I wouldn%26#39;t worry about you but is your 4 year old niece used to dining in fine restaurants? Kids can get pretty antsy when they have to be quiet and sit still for long periods - I know I do :)

Thanks for the advice, gang! Great links too.

I think my 4 yr old would do well because she loves getting dressed up fancy and acting like an adult.

My feeling on this is:

1) no one knows you here and will ever see you again, so why not?

2) probably 95% of the waiters/waitresses you encounter will be from out of town

3) feel free to ask as many questions about the menu as you want; the foodie types typically question the wait staff to death!

I agree, go for it! But check with the restaurant when you make the reservation that they%26#39;ll seat a 4-year-old.

Evening, that makes me feel better! Thanks for the advice, especially about the asking questions. I LOVE sushi and to this day, I really don%26#39;t know half of what I%26#39;m eating because I don%26#39;t want to seem uncouth and ask questions that I figure I should know. I had gone to eat sushi numerous times before I discovered that the pretty pink stuff on the dish was ginger and you%26#39;re supposed to eat it and not just stare at it and poke it a little.

Bettina, I hadn%26#39;t thought of doing that. I%26#39;ll do some checking around.

Just remember that it is uncouth everywhere for a man to wear a hat of any kind (including a baseball cap) when eating anywhere indoors, even in the cheapest diner or fast food joint. I have seen this more often in Texas than elsewhere in my travels, and it sets my teeth on edge.... I certainly hope that no one in your party would ever think of doing this ill-mannered thing that seems so much more common nowadays.

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