Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going to NY tomorow!! Any last tips/must dos??

Hi everyone!

Fist off I want to THANK all the local experts so much in helping me plan my trip. I think I have a good idea of what to expect.

Just thought I%26#39;d put this out...

ANY last minute suggestions of MUST DO%26#39;s in the city?

ANYthing you once did in NY that you wish you could do again?

ANYthing you missed and still regret?

I would love any last minute inspiration!

thanks again everyone


Going to NY tomorow!! Any last tips/must dos??

You must enjoy yourself, first %26amp; foremost.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge, visit Central Park, walk our great neighborhoods %26amp; soak up the atmosphere, you must pick up a copy of Time Out NY when you arrive, it has lots of great information, you must have a slice of NY pizza %26amp; cheesecake, you must see a show, you must visit Times Square at night, go up to Top of the Rock, you must........not worry about seeing everything, won%26#39;t be possible, just have FUN!!!!

Going to NY tomorow!! Any last tips/must dos??

Have fun!! I%26#39;m very jealous. ;)

I just came back last week (my third visit)!! =) I enjoyed it alot! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Must do is Brooklyn Bridge, walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan, not the other way around...

and Top of the Rock! Try to catch the sunset view!

and oh, visit southside seaport... so crowded with shops and street performances going on, i found it interesting! There was nothing when I went in winter time! Enjoy the summer fun!

and if you like to shop, go to SOHO! I love that area!

Sorry I meant Southstreet Seaport... not Southside

Have a safe trip and a great time.

Have a wonderful time! We really loved Washington Square Park in the evenings...lots going on and great people watching.

Have a great trip, stroll around and enjoy!

Ta. MMM!

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