Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where to stay - NYC

We will be going on a cruise in August from Red Hook terminal in Brooklyn and will spend couple of nights in New York before our cruise. We are not too sure where to stay and need some of yours advise on this. All we want to do is some sightseeing and shopping before our cruise and we are flexible. Is it better to stay in Brooklyn near the pier or in town? It is my understanding that some of the hotel in town do not accommodate more than two people, will it be too risky to bid one single room for three people to stay in town through Price line? For three of us is it worth to stay near the airport and take public transit to town during our stay in New York?

Where to stay - NYC

I%26#39;d stay in Manhattan and take the water taxi or a real taxi to the pier to catch the boat. Red Hook is known for sparce subway stops so getting in and out of Manhattan from there requires a longish walk to the nearest subway station.

You can see the schedule/stops at nywatertaxi.com

Where to stay - NYC

You are not guaranteed more than one bed when you bid on Pricelene. Unless you want to bid on two rooms, forget it.

Check out travelzoo.com--they often have some great last minute deals, sometimes for suite hotels. If they don%26#39;t have August dates yet, keep checking every few days.

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