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Family Trip Hotel recommedation


My family is thinking of driving down to NYC for a long weekend trip Aug 4-7. We%26#39;re looking for a hotel either inside the city or just outside where we can take the subway into Manhattan. Do you have any recommendation? We hope to spend around $100 USD nightly, if possible, but are willing to spend up to $250 per night.

Thank you for your generous opinions!


Family Trip Hotel recommedation

$100 will be impossible unless you try bidding on Priceline. The Hyatt Regency in Jersey City and the Doubletree Suites in Jersey City are both 3* hotels (on Priceline) that have been won for $100/night or less. What I don%26#39;t know is whether you would be assured of getting a room for ';your family'; with a Priceline bid. (You can NOT be guaranteed a room in Manhattan bidding on Priceline for more than 2 people). How many of you are there?

If you%26#39;re willing to try bidding, you should go to or and they will help you construct a bid and you should also be able to find out how many people a room will hold at those hotels. There%26#39;s a PATH train (like a subway) from there into Manhattan and also a ferry.

Secaucus/Elizabeth New Jersey are other locations near Manhattan. Many of those hotels are suite hotels too. The problem is the transport to NYC is buses and can get stuck in traffic. Also not as convenient for nighttime activities.

Another idea is trying the Travel Inn in Manhattan. It%26#39;s the only hotel in NYC with FREE parking. Book right away though as it%26#39;s popular. A good budget option with an outdoor pool, an added benefit in August.

Looking on there are quite a few hotels that would have rooms for 4 (I don%26#39;t know how many of you there are) for under $250 (that doesn%26#39;t include tax though). The best options imo are:

Beekman Tower one bedroom suite $199

NY Helmsley 2 double beds $229

Essex House double double $238

Kimberly 2 doubles $245

If you decide on one of these, go to and look for parking nearby the hotel you chose.

Family Trip Hotel recommedation

Take a look at the Embassy Suites in lower Manhattan. The rooms are family-sized (separate bedroom + sofa bed in the lounge area) and breakfast is included which is a big saving for a family. The hotel is very family-friendly with family restaurants and a cinema in the same building and there is a great playground opposite for the kids to let off steam (assuming they%26#39;re young enough for this!).

The subway is about 10 minutes walk (at the most) and then it%26#39;s only 10-15 minutes on the subway trains to Times Sq / Grand Central station.

Prices on the dates you mentioned start at $177/night if you book on their website, maybe you%26#39;d get it cheaper if you shop around and don%26#39;t buy direct from them.

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