Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dress Code for the David Letterman Show

I just got a call from the Late Show and we got tickets!!! Is there a dress code for the Show. I dont want to look so much like a tourist. Please Advise.

Dress Code for the David Letterman Show

I have been on the Letterman show twice (long story...) and I can tell you that what everyone says is correct: they do indeed keep that place freezing cold. Under the lights on stage I was wearing a wool jacket and was quite comfortable, and I am the sort who usually sweats if someone just says the word ';thermostat';. If you are sitting in the audience, you will definitely not want to underdress even if it is high summer outside. Do NOT wear shorts (you will freeze), and think about even long sleeves.

Dress Code for the David Letterman Show

moodym, I was just wondering when your tix were for and how long ago you put in your request. I recently requested tix for second week of September and am just curious.

Did they ask a trivia question? Thanks, and have fun at the show. :-)

I got free tickets too back in February. 2004.I got them on a Sunday by just walking pass theatre and was asked if I would like to be on the show the following day.Was asked a few questions and got the free tickets.I went casual and they suggested I brought a sweater as there is no heating on.I was told to meet outside at 4.30 in a line,with a numbered ticket.You find where you stand in a line according to your number,then you all meet in the lobby.After that you get in told where to sit,I was at the front row by the band.They start recording at about 5.30 and you get out by 6.30.Nice way to finish off your last night in New York.My flight was%26#39;nt till midnight back to London.That%26#39;s why I fly with America Airlines.I remember they blew up a refrigerated Coca Cola machine outside and dropped tins of paint from the top of a building.I know from some of the people in the line, they had waited a long time time to get tickets,maybe as much as nine months.So I considered myself lucky to be in the right place at the right time.It was very enjoyable.

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