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5 Day Itinerary - Can you comment please?

Hello everyone – Happy Fourth of July

Thank you so very much for all of your effort in providing great responses to everyone’s questions. It has been a great help in planning our trip.

I was wondering if you could be so kind as to comment / provide advice on our planned itinerary. I know it will be a packed five days but that is all the time we have available for the trip. We are not really museum people (just is not our thing), and have rather good ones at home so we are not going to worry about them. (Maybe if we walk by and have the urge.) We will be visiting in August. Tuesday and Wednesday are our “packed” days.

If we are doing both the Staten Island Ferry (on the tour), Ellis Island Ferry, and the Full 3 Hour Circle Line boat, should we put the time into doing the Brooklyn Bridge walk, or will we get the same views other ways? Besides museums, is there something we are missing? Any great meal recocmendations for the evenings?


Arrive LGA @ 3:30pm

Staying at the Hampton Inn – Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge / Times Square


Central Park – Zoo %26amp; Bike Rental

New York Party Shuttle – starting at 3pm

Empire State Building at dark (tour drops us there at end)


Battery Park

Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island

Little Italy / China Town (short jaunt through these)

Back to hotel, then evening in SOHO


The Village

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Times Square in the Evening


Morning Circle Line Harbor Tour (3 hour) How early should we go?)

Revisit somewhere we feel we did not have time (Rockefeller, The Village, etc.)

Leave Hotel at 6:00 pm for 8:15 pm flight out of LGA.

Saturday – Sleep in at home and relax! Pick up the dogs from the Kennel. Maybe a short bike ride. 

Thanks so much for your comments!

5 Day Itinerary - Can you comment please?

Anyone have any advice? I really do appreciate it!


5 Day Itinerary - Can you comment please?

As a fellow Texan and NewYorkerophile, I can tell you that you will be missing out on quite an experience if you don%26#39;t see some NYC museums. Nothing we have here even compares.

Move the Brooklyn Bridge to Wednesday, as those are downtown things, and so is the BB. Meanwhile, fill in the daylight hours with a visit to Rockefeller Center and teh Top of the Rock, which has splendid views of Central Park that are best seen in daylight. The comparison with the views from (and of!) the ESB will also be interesting.

Meanwhile, Little Italy is NOT worth anyone%26#39;s time.

The most tourist friendly walking street in Chinatown is Mott Street between Chatham Square and Canal. (take a quick turn down Pell just to peek down tiny old Doyers Street -- I swear that it is the street in NYC that looks more like a stage set, and less like a real street, than any other...) More exotic, though, and rather like stepping into another continent is East Broadway from Chatham Square to the Manhattan Bridge.

Thanks to both of you.

I agree with GWB about moving a few things around and skipping Little Italy - it really isn%26#39;t there anymore - however to miss the Metropolitan Museum seems nearly criminal - if not the best museum in the entire world, it is close to it. And it%26#39;s at Central Park too! Since you are going to be here in August - when it is really hot, hazy and humid - the Met might be a good way to chill for a couple of hours - it is fully a/c%26#39;d

And - enjoy! Ta. MMM!

Hi Everyone -

I guess since the Metropolitan Museum is at Central park we will definately make a visit...I am sure we will love it.

Will move the BB to the day with Ellis Islland, etc.

Other than that, do you think the things we have listed are dooable in each day without just killing ourselves....brisk pace okay.

Still almost two months away and I am already so excited. Planning is half the fun.


Hi PCSanity, I%26#39;m returning for my fourth visit to New York this September and can%26#39;t wait. I%26#39;m not a museum person, but I%26#39;m a huge park person, and find that walking through parks is one of my favorite things to do in New York. I find that each park has a different personality, and they are such nice places to just stop and rest and get a little green in each day.

There are so many really awesome parks in the city, in addition to fabulous Central Park and Battery Park that are already on your list -

Riverside Park, which runs along the Hudson on the Upper Westside is really pretty - I love walking the long path along the water and just enjoying being in the city. There%26#39;s lots to see there, including Grants Tomb and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, as well as the boat basin. I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered over to this park, and find it an interesting alternative to beautiful Central Park.

City Hall Park is a beautiful smaller park right on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, and I found it a wonderful spot to stop for a short rest after walking across the bridge.

Washington Square Park is one of my favorites, just because it was the first park I ever visited (even before Central Park) and it gave me a wondeful feel for the vibe of the city.

I could go on and on about all the parks - they are all wondeful, and I feel that they should all be listed as much see attractions - if you%26#39;re interested, here%26#39;s a website for a map

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