Tuesday, March 30, 2010

theater seating question

Hi all. I am trying to buy tickets for the Lion King in December......

In your opinion is it better to 1) buy tickets in the Orchestra section and not be sure how close to the stage you will be or 2) buy tickets in the mezzanine seciton rows A-E, so you know that it will be close to the front.

What do ya%26#39;ll think?

also, any ideas why they official Disney site lists the most expensive orchestra seats as being 122.00 while on ticketmaster the orchestra seats are 240.00? Thanks for the help.


theater seating question

Nothing wrong with the front mezz for this show, that is where I sat and it was great.

Maybe the ticketmaster seats were premium seats? Those are usually front orchestra seats, not the best for this show, in my humble opinion, and I would not spend that much money for any show, anyway.

theater seating question

If you aren%26#39;t going to be able to know in advance where in the Orchestra section your seats will be (Ticketmaster should be able to show you this information, but brokers/scalpers won%26#39;t), then I would agree that the mezzanine rows A-E would be the better bet.

The $240 tickets on Ticketmaster are ';premium'; seats. In general, there are ';normal'; orchestra seats that would correspond to the $122 price quoted on the Disney site, but there might not have been any of those available for the performance(s) you checked at Ticketmaster. I%26#39;m not sure why the Disney site would not mention the premium seating option.

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