Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking for the Grown&Sexy hot spots

My mom and I are coming 09/21-09/24 for a girls weekend- Can anyone recommend nightlife spots for the Grown and Sexy?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Looking for the Grown%26amp;Sexy hot spots

What kind of music do you like? Are you looking for a mellow lounge or wild dance club? Budget?

I don%26#39;t go to clubs anymore, but here are some previous posts with some great recos. Hope they help!

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k673581-鈥?/a> Good_nightclubs_in_NYC-New_York_City_New_York.html

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k474678-鈥?/a> Upscale_Hip_Hop_Night_Clubs_NYC-

tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g60763-i5-k368536-鈥?/a> HELP!_Need_advice_on_DANCE_CLUBS_in_NYC_

Looking for the Grown%26amp;Sexy hot spots

Like always, this depends on what you are looking for. I personally am a lounge %26amp; wine bar type of person. A number of places in New York pride themselves on great service and incredible cocktails - and these are the ones where I will am willing to pay the extra cash on drinks. A few of my favorites:

That still might be decent weather for an evening drink with a view. There are two I recommend for this. Ava Lounge at the top of the Dream Hotel looks down Broadway to Times Square. Call ahead for a reservation. The second place is Bookmarks on the roof of the Library Hotel with a view of the ESB and on.

For indoor spots:

Employees Only - If you get here too late, it gets too crowded. Go for an early cocktail - 8pm at the latest. Walking down Hudson you will see a little Palm Reader room. You walk in and pass behind her table through the curtain to a bar straight out of the 40s. (Or so I would guess.) This place is also a restaurant with (I am told) great food.

Little Branch - This has become my favorite place, run by the same guy as the popular speakeasy Milk %26amp; Honey. It%26#39;s at the very corner of Leroy %26amp; 7th Ave in the West Village (west side of the street). They don%26#39;t let it get crowded, so if you show up too late, you%26#39;ll wait outside. It%26#39;s a good thing in my opinion.

Flatiron Lounge - As the name says - in Flatiron District, great drinks, great service, great atmosphere.

Brandy Library - In Tribeca, THE place in NYC for Brandy and Bourbon lovers. Classy joint.

Pravda - A great vodka/martini bar in Nolita, if martinis are your choice.

Schiller%26#39;s Liquor Bar - More of a restaurant than a bar, but still a great scene with great prices in the Lower East Side. Recommend a meal here too if you see fit.

Back Room - Staying in the LES, one last speakeasy style spot - this place is owned I believe by Tim Robbins and Mark Messier. It%26#39;s not the easiest to find. On Norfolk, north of Delancy, look for a sign for a toy shop on a small gate and a big guy standing next to it. He%26#39;ll ID you (25 and older is the requirement here) and allow you down the alley to the door in the rear. It is set up just like it is right out of the 20s. (Though the music is much newer.)

In Vino - If you are a wine lover, this little spot in the East Village is not to be missed. They carry over 200 wines (20-30 by the glass) and they are all from southern Italy. Very rustic feel with great meats and cheeses as well as full meals if you like.

Triumph Room - If dancing is something you want to include in your night out, this place is a far cry from the Crobar/Marquee/etc mega-clubs. The crowd is generally a bit older and less pretentious. And the bartenders actually make good drinks for a ';club'; and are fairly nice to boot. (Located in Hells Kitchen)

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