Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bruce Springsteen concerts


Has anyone been to see Bruce in his current Seager sessions tour? does he do any old material or is it all his new stuff?


Bruce Springsteen concerts

I just watched an hour long special on our Public Television of the Seeger Sessions. It%26#39;s all Pete Seeger music song by BS backed by a huge, great band . The music is a combination of spirituals, political/organizing/union music, and old folk tunes. The program I saw was great. And the individual musicians were the best - horns, banjos, fiddles, guitars, drums, etc.

Bruce Springsteen concerts

one more thing - if you are interested in the individual songs and a little of their history -go here . .


I saw him twice on this tour. show is amazing. IMO better than any of his other solo material for sure.

its a fun show with a big band. he played atlantic city, ramrod, cadillac ranch. but you won%26#39;t recognize the songs.

do not go if all you are thinking about is his e street stuff

thanks - thats a shame I thought he might ar least do a couple of his old solo tracks.

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