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Transportation from LaGuardia to Embassy Suites for 7 people

We need to get from LaGuardia to Embassy suites and was wondering if taking a M60 bus to Astoria Blvd and taking NW subway to Times Sq 42nd St. and transferring to the 2/3 to Chambers Street would be difficultt or take very long. Does anybody know? It seems like transportation for 7 is expensive otherwise.

Transportation from LaGuardia to Embassy Suites for 7 people

if you%26#39;re set on taking mass transit, I%26#39;d recommend the Q35 to the #7 train. Take the #7 (great views of Manhattan! it is elevated.) to the last stop in Manhattan - Times Square. Transfer there for the A, C or E train to Chambers Street/World Trade Center. It%26#39;s closer than the Chambers Street stop on the 2/3.

But personally, I%26#39;d invest the approx $70-80 for the two NYC taxis. That%26#39;s under $15 per person, plus you don%26#39;t have to schlep the luggage up and down stairs, then walk from the subway to the hotel.

If you do take cabs, DO NOT take any rides from anyone who offers you car service near the luggage carousels. Take ONLY realy NYC yellow taxis. Wait on line at the taxi stand.

Believe me, the taxis will be worth it.

Transportation from LaGuardia to Embassy Suites for 7 people

City buses and subways are not conducive to people traveling with luggage, especially seven people together. When you get to the subway station you are going to have to climbs stairs to get to the train platform. When you get to the Times Square station you climb more stairs and then you must walk down a long corridor to to get to the A train. When you get to Chambers Street more stairs to climb and then a long walk to the hotel. If you decide on taking the #2 or 3 the walk from the subway to the hotel is longer.

If everyone is in good shape and too much luggage is not involved it can be done and the trip will take at least 1 1/2 hours. Two taxi cabs is the way to go.

Thanks for the help. I guess we%26#39;ll have to break down and take two taxis. It did not look difficult on the map, but when you mention schlepping our bags up and down stairs and getting to our destination 1 1/2 hours later, that does not sound like much fun. Thanks again for your help.

If you did go mass transit, the easiest thing would be to take the Q33 to Roosevelt Avenue subway station, and then take the E to its last stop - World Trade Center.

Oops, I meant Q33 - thanks for correcting that.

Just so you know, there is a lot of construction around the hotel now. The area is booming, so there are new luxury condos and shopping areas going up. This will not affect your trip at all, but you might hear some noise. Construction takes place Mon-Fri, approx 8 AM to 4 PM.

BTW, I just had sushi for lunch at Lilli%26#39;s Noodles last week. Yum! It%26#39;s in the first floor of the Embassy Suites complex.

Make sure you explore the parks and area on the water. Fantastic on a nice day!

Thanks for all of the input. My dad is set on taking public transportation on the way to our hotel. On the way back we will probably take taxis. Thanks for all of your help.

Is the World Trade Center stop open now?

To get to the World Trade Center, take the A or C to Chambers Street or the E to World Trade Center, or the #2 or 3 to Park Place.

This is actually all one giant connected station with 3 names. It also happnes to be the terminus of the E line, so if you%26#39;re on the E, take it to the end of the line. Stay in the front of the E for exit closest to WTC.

The Cortlandt Street stop on the R and W is still closed. It is closed until Feb 2007.

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