Monday, March 29, 2010

BLT Steak or Lever House??

Hello Everyone, I am coming to the city with my daughter for her 18th birthday. Can anyone tell me what the atmosphere at BLT Steak is like. I have heard the Lever House has good steaks and has a real New York, chic feeling. Which of these would be better. We are staying at the Warwick and so far have Broadway tickets for Hairspray and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I also have reservations for brunch at Balthazar. I was thinking about doing the Boathouse for lunch and then possibly renting bikes in the park. I would like to go to a variety of restaurants so that she can get great NY feel. Would like to go to someplaces for drink/appetizer with a view. Any suggestions on that. I know I%26#39;m asking lots of questions but always get such great advice here!

BLT Steak or Lever House??

Most restaurants that are steak-specific are not ';chic';; they may be fine and dignified and even elegant, but ';chicness'; and ';steakhouse'; tend to be two concepts that would send restaureteurs in different directions. Peter Luger, for example, has spectacular steaks -- but there is no place less describable as ';chic';! Therefore, do you primarily want ';chic'; (and I am sure that every chic restaurant has a tasty beef dish of some kind) or do you want ';a good steakhouse';?

BLT Steak or Lever House??

I definitely know what you mean. I am thinking that I would like to go to a good steakhouse and then also go to other chic restaurants. Thanks!!

I loved BLT Steak. The food was wonderful! I don%26#39;t know if I would call it chic, but its not dark and stuffy as I imagine some steakhouses to be. Its very modern with a lot of yellow.

You will maybe see some stars at Lever House because I have heard of a couple having dinner there (like Tom Cruise). I have never been to BLT steak, but I have been to BLT fish and the quality of the food is very good. I think that the owner checks on his restaurants closely. If the fish is good, I can guess that the steak is good also.

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