Monday, March 29, 2010

414 Hotel location/subway etc

Hi all

Can any New Yorkers or veterans advise a virgin. We%26#39;re staying at the 414 Hotel, 414 W 46th on our first visit in October.

Is this close to a subway station ? Feasible to take train/subway from JFK ?

Also any tips on decent places to eat in the area - especially Italian and steakhouses.



414 Hotel location/subway etc

That would be right off 9th Avenue. There%26#39;s no subway station right there, but there are two nearby--42nd and 8th Avenue and 50th and 8th Avenue, where you can pick up the A, E and C trains. One more cross-town block east at 42nd several trains lines, including the 1 (local) 2, 3 (express) and the 7 line to Queens that stops at Grand Central, where you can pick up lines for the east side of town.

The location is great for restaurants. You have Restaurant Row on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. Some are a bit pricey, but because they cater to the theater crowd, you can usually get a good pre-theater dinner deal.

There are also many along 9th Avenue that are reasonable and good. Two that I tried during my recent trip are Pietrasanta, which has Italian food (and is very close to your hotel). Another is a hip, upscale diner called Vynl, that serves fusion food as well as some diner classics (like meat loaf).

I also like the Renaissance (another upscale diner, but not as hip). That one has a huge menu and is open 24/7. Very convenient if you come back late from your evening activities and are hungry. Giorgio%26#39;s Grill is good for breakfast and casual fare.

These are just a few--lots and lots more along the avenue, just about every cuisine you can imagine. Check out for more options--look under West 40%26#39;s and West 50%26#39;s.

414 Hotel location/subway etc

There is in fact an entrance to the 42nd Street station of the A, C, and E trains at the corner of 44th and Eighth.

If you walk down to 42nd and Eighth and enter there, you can also connect for free underground to Times Square station. However, if you want a Broadway or Seventh Avenue train, or the shuttle or the #7, it is easier to go to Times Square above ground and enter there.

HI, i stayed at the 414 last month and the location was fab. I was expecting to use the subway but everywhere was walkable. The only time i needed transport was for a cab to ground zero.

I booked a shuttle to transport me to 414 from jfk. On the the return journey to jfk the hotel arranged a private car to take us to the airport. think the cost was approx $35.


Thanks for that. Any tips for places to eat or special places nearby ?

happy with 414 ?

And who did you use for shuttle from airport to 414 ?



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