Tuesday, March 30, 2010

US Open in New York

Can anyone give me advice on going to the US Open in September? Any great tips for convenient hotels, tickets, transportation - would be great. I%26#39;ve not been to NY before. Stacy

US Open in New York

There is a recent thread on this topic:


US Open in New York

The advice boils down to this: stay in Manhattan, and take either the subway or the Long Island Rail Road to the Open.

I agree on staying in Manhattan. Most hotels near the Open are near the airport and not near anything else. The #7 train goes right to the Open, stops in Manhattan are Times Square, Bryant Park (5th Avenue) and Grand Central.

THANKS so much for the info. %26#39;JensDad%26#39; thanks for the thread which named some hotels. Should I buy show tickets now or wait until we get there?


Depends on the show. The really popular ones, you may want to book now/. Not so popular, you can wait and see if you can get same day 1/2 price tickets at the booth at Times Square or South Street Seaport

For show tickets, you%26#39;ll get better seats if you buy ahead. Check for discounts at a site like broadwaybox.com. If you don%26#39;t want to buy in advance, you can go to the theater box office when you get to NYC (you can usually use broadwaybox discount codes at the box office, so print them out and bring them with you) or go to TKTS for discounted tickets (usually half price plus a service charge) on the day of the performance, but the TKTS lines can be very long (a wait of an hour or more is not unusual). TKTS is usually the cheapest option, but it consumes time that you could use to see the city (or a tennis match in your case).

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