Tuesday, March 30, 2010

who has heard of cheap air inc

anyone as they are so cheap has anyone booked with them

who has heard of cheap air inc

Lynda I saw your post on this the other day. I haven%26#39;t heard of them - do you have a web address for them and how much cheaper are you talking - I%26#39;m always suspicious of cheap cheap things....

who has heard of cheap air inc

Here%26#39;s some reviews: bizrate.com/ratings_guide/cust_reviews__mid-鈥?/a>


i saw that but was still wary for example

tickets manchester to new york approx cheapest 680 pounds

with them 260 pounds for 2

so now you can tell why i am asking


I%26#39;ve never heard of them - but that sure is an incredible price! Do you have a web site for them? Ta. MMM!


just seems too good though


What dates are you seeing 拢260 for two please?



Are the posting for 2007? Hmmm that%26#39;s when I%26#39;m planning my next trip. Need to check this out a bit further. Ta. MMM!


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