Monday, March 29, 2010

family holiday in the US


i am traveling with my family to the US in apr-may 2007. we want to visit orlando for sure, DC for the various museums, new jersey and finally the grand canyon too. can you help me with the following

1) when is it a good time to find deals for cheap airfares

2) if one were to cover these dstinations with a single airlines, will that normally be cheaper, or is it better to look for sector-specific fares which maybe on different airlines.

3) which are the good websites where one can find attractive air fares?

we will be flying into orlando from london

thanks for your help


family holiday in the US

While I do not know the answers to your questions, I certainly have one of my own.

With all there is to see in the United States, why do you want to visit New Jersey?

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