Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Our Friends in England

Our thoughts %26amp; prayers are with you on this first anniversary of the London terrorist attacks.

We understand.

To Our Friends in England

Thank you.

To Our Friends in England

Thankyou for your kindness,you will always have ours


Thank you. Standing in St Paul%26#39;s Chapel in NY last week, made me appreciate how much we all have to unite together in these times.

Thank you NYC Girl - its nice to know that even the most evil of deeds can have a small silver lining and actually bring people and countries closer together

Wow I did not realize today was one year. I%26#39;m with NYC girl on her sentiments.

todays been sad for me

but thank you nycgirl and everyone else


ellis.....no offence.....but you are a blinkered idiot.

My thoughts are with you all - my fears are of folks like Ellis.

Ta. M!

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