Monday, March 29, 2010

Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn tower suites?

Hi everyone, I posted this before but I dont think it I%26#39;ll repeat...

I have booked a Tower Suite in the Newyorker in july - which means a bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and balcony on one of the top 3 floors of the hotel.

All the bad complaints seem to be about %26#39;normal%26#39; rooms

Has anyone stayed in a tower suite? If yes, what was it like?


Ramada Plaza Hotel %26amp; Inn tower suites?

I have stayed at this hotel and it is really bad. we got a suite and is was ok. the service is so-so and it was kinda dirty. If you are looking for a deal go to the econolodge times square. I just stayed their a week ago and it is the best steal in nyc. the hotel is new and opened in march. they are very nice and you can get a good room for 125 or go to They have five budget hotels in central nyc. The hotels are all name brand, and they are the best deals in nyc. you can a really nice room for under 100 at some time and you will never pay over 150.

Ramada Plaza Hotel %26amp; Inn tower suites?

Yes, but was it a TOWER suite? the hotel has many suites further down...but a tower suite are supposed to be the nicer rooms at the top of the hotel, and are a bit more expensive.

it was a towersuite it was not the greatest. plus when you go to nyc are going to stay in the room or go out of the room. trust me save a whole bunch and stay a lesser hotel, unless all you plan to do is stay in the room or entertain people, get a cheaper room and treat your significant other (or family) to a night on the town. If you like steak go to smith and wollensky or peter lugers best in nyc. (peter lugers only takes cash.)

Helbo, is your reservation changeable/cancellable? If not, you will at least have the best experience possible at the hotel. If you can make a change, you might like to do that.

Nah, I%26#39;m gona stick with what i%26#39;ve got. The location seems great and I got a really good deal.

What%26#39;s the good deal? If you%26#39;re going to ';stick with it'; why ask the question? This hotel is not very good at all.

I never said I was going to change my reservation, I just asked if the bad complaints were from people in normal rooms or if they applied equaly to tower suites!


you obviously have a real downer on the New Yorker!

As someone who is going to be staying there next week, I would really appreciate if you could explain what is so bad about it, as I have read many reviews which say it%26#39;s ok.


I bet that if people were more realistic about what to expect then it%26#39;d be fine. Even for over 拢100 a night, in new york thats going to rent you a closet for a week. If you want lavish luxury then you%26#39;ll be paying 拢1000+. So maybe dont expect the world for peanuts.

';Stayed at Ramada last year. The first room they gave me was not great. The bed was a few inches from the door. I then asked for another room. They gave me a room on a higher floor which was MUCH better than the first. I found the rooms to be very clean. They were serviced everyday.No complaints. It%26#39;s not a ritzy hotel but it does the job.

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