Monday, March 29, 2010

Is one day enough?

Hi everyone

I%26#39;m visiting NYC in April next year and we would like to visit Niagara Falls.

I%26#39;ve checked the prices for train, bus and plane and since the plane is the same price (and on some dates, even cheaper!) we%26#39;ll be flying.

Since flying there will save a lot of time, would a day trip be sufficient to see the falls, walk across the Rainbow Bridge and then do one or two Fall activities/attractions? Or would we be better off to stay overnight and fly back into NYC the next day?

Thanks :)

Is one day enough?

Are you going to visit in early or late April? If you go later in April you should have better luck on the Maid of the Mist and Cave of Winds being open.

I would recommend to spend the night- the Falls are beautiful at night! If you don%26#39;t care for spending the night, you should be fine spending the day checking it out. I would definately recommend for you to also visit the US side of the Falls- yes it is a beautiful view from the Canadian side, but in all honesty I have to say that my family enjoyed the NY side a bit more! I would take the Trolley around the US side (only $2 adults and $1 children- 5 and under a free- a really nice ride!) and check out the views that the American side has to offer- it is Beautiful!!! I have to warn you that it is a bit of a walk from the Rainbow bridge to the Horseshoe Falls- it can be done but it is definatly a walk!

What type of activities or attractions were you interested in doing? In my honest opinion, my family did not care for the Journey Behind the Falls on the Canadian side- we missed out on the Cave of Winds (kids were tired), but I think we would of enjoyed that a lot more! The Maid of the Mist is something not to be missed- we all really enjoyed it ( even the 2 year old). Have a fun and safe trip!

Is one day enough?

Hi there

We will be there in early April. We%26#39;ll be arriving 30th March and leaving 17 April so it%26#39;s really a guessing game as to whether the Maid of the Mist will be operating.

Haven%26#39;t really decided what to do while we%26#39;re at the Falls. Will more than likely do the Cave of the Winds tour.

Consider being here after dusk to view the Illumination of the Falls.....part of the charm.............

You better check closer to your vacation-The Cave of the Winds may not be opened depending on the weather-

I think that it opened late april this year.

but if you decide to come try they have a one day plane trip from NYC that includes all transfers and sight seeing, it may be worth a look.

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