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dec 2007, christmas shopping in new york?

Hi, My mother, father, sister, neice and I are all planning to go to new york for 7 days in december 2007. We want to do the whole %26#39;christmas shopping in new thing%26#39;.

Just wondering if anyone could give us some advice on whether this is a good time in New York, or whether its too cold and busy?

We want to do the empirestate building etc.. all the tourist things, will these all be open? My parents will both be in their sixties, will this time of year be suitable for them?

Any advice would be helpful.

dec 2007, christmas shopping in new york?

I went the day after thanks giving a couple of years ago and found that although it was busy it wasn%26#39;t quite as manic as it apparently gets the nearer to Christmas you go. All the decs were up and the tree went up just before we left at the beginning of Dec.

As for weather it was quite cold - hat, gloves and scarf type weather but that just made it seem even more Christmassy! think the average was bout 5 degrees.

All the sites will be open.

Hope this helps a bit.

dec 2007, christmas shopping in new york?

thanks for your advice. I don%26#39;t mind the cold, as you said makes it seem more chrismmasy! I really want to be there when the decs are up, so probably go the first/second week of decemeber.

If you dont mind me asking, where did you stay? We want to be as close as possible to times square. We all have really high expectation of christmas in new york, so i really hope its good.

tbh whilst I love Time Square and the lights I don%26#39;t stay there I like to stay in the less busy areas. The subway system is excellent and very safe in NY so wherever you stay you are never to far from anywhere else, but I understand that some people would prefer to stay in TS and the vincinty. NYWhiz knows the most about places to stay if you just post your budget and how many rooms you%26#39;ll be needing.

Personally if it were me I%26#39;d come the first week in December just because of how busy it gets and flights are often slightly cheaper then too.

I loved being in NY at Christmas time :)

We%26#39;ll have to meet up ha ha, my fiance and I will be in NY the second week of Dec 07 on our honeymoon!!

Aw theres lovely! Honeymoon in new york!! It%26#39;ll be the first time to NYC for us, and we%26#39;ve just got to go christmas time!!!!!!!

Think we%26#39;ll def be going the first week, what are the crowds like around that time? I think we want to stay in the action of everything, TS we%26#39;re most drawn too.

Start looking at hotel prices now (try for a few different dates. The Xmas tree in Rockefeller Center is lit around the first week in Dec. and hotel prices skyrocket. The beg. of Dec. is one of the most expensive times to come. Thanksgiving is early this year (Nov 23). I would look at coming the last week in Nov. Xmas decorations will be up but it might not be as pricey/crowded as Dec.

If all 5 of you are planning on staying in one room, you should get at least a 1 bedroom suite or apartment or possibly a 2 bedroom.

Thanks, is new york city as magical at christmas as it seems? Coming from a new york city resident do you think its worth the money?

Am I reading this correctly? Your trip will be in 18 months? Not in 6 months?

yep 18 months planning in advance and saving lots, if im there I%26#39;m shopping till i drop and not worrying about the pennies

Ha ha I know how you feel, when I started asking questions about Dec 2007 I used to get the same responses about it being so far in advance but like you I need to save a lot before then to have the trip I want, you only have one honeymoon ( I hope!!!)

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