Thursday, April 1, 2010 I have this right?

Our family is on a budget, so I have been trying to find both the most economical route that makes sense with an 8 and 10 year old. We are going from Newark Airport to Time Square (Belvedere). This is what I think sounds the best...but I don%26#39;t want any surprises. Thanks!

Coach USA (operator name) or Olympia Trails Bus Co. from Newark to Port Authority. $23 round trip for adults, free for children under 12. Walk from Port Authority to hotel (1/4 mile or less). Total cost $46.00

Did I get that right? Thanks so much! I have this right?

That is not a bad option as far as a combination of both cost and convenience, though a couple of thoughts -

For the absolute least expensive route, you would take a taxi from the airport to Newark Penn Station - total of about $15, then catch the train to NY Penn Station at a total of $3.75 per adult and $1.75 per child. From there it is $2 per person for the subway to Times Square.

Total cost: $34 for a family of four

For the most convenient, try hiring a car: 212-777-7777. I think it will be about $50-$55 and some may find it worth the money to avoid the trouble of transfers with small children. I have this right?

Well, not to be nitpicky, but the absolute cheapest route (not involving the PATH train, which is even cheaper) would be to take the free Airtrain from your terminal to the Newark Airport train station, then catch any NJ Transit train to Penn Station NYC for a few dollars.

From Penn Station NYC you can either take a subway to your hotel, or a cab. For 3-4 people, the cab is just as economical. If the cab line is long, walk up or down a block to the next corner!

If you do go with this option, exit Penn Station on the 8th Ave. side (not 7th Ave.). 8th Ave. is a one-way street, going north toward your hotel.

If you take the bus to the Port Authority, it%26#39;s a short walk up 8th Ave. toward the hotel.

THANK you all!

evening - The far for the train from the airport to NY Penn station is $14 per adult and $11 per child for a total of $50. Don%26#39;t ask me why, but the addition of a single train stop is essentially $10 per person more. It%26#39;s a bit of robbery if you ask me.

crox is correct. the airtrain is not free.

The walk from the PA to the hotel, is just under 1/2 a mile, not 1/4 of a mile.

Crox40 is right about the higher train fare from the airport. It%26#39;s not a bad deal compared to other methods of getting to/from EWR, but it%26#39;s more than the normal fares for other nearby stations. I believe the extra cost is supposed to help pay for the new train station at the airport and the monorail connecting it to the terminals.

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