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Advice please - staying in Midtown

We%26#39;ve found a private apartment on 33rd street near Macy%26#39;s.

What%26#39;s this area like to stay in? Is it a classy/chic area or are there scary neon lights everywhere?

I understand that there are all sorts of restaurants and shops nearby -- but are they the type of places locals avoid?

Advice please - staying in Midtown

While transportation is convenient, it%26#39;s a commercial district. Your neighbors are Macy%26#39;s and the other stores at Herald Square, Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. So lots of fast food options instead of great neighborhood places you%26#39;ll find in a residential area.

Advice please - staying in Midtown

Its fine.

Walk a couple of blocks in any direction (except northwest) and you%26#39;re in a residential neighborhood. East 30s have plenty of small townhouses, mews streets to check out. As soon as you hit 5th, there are smaller neighborhood restaurants on the side streets. 3rd Ave is one restaurant/bar/store after the other.

32nd street between 5th and 7th has some excellent, reasonably priced Korean restaurants. Mandoo Bar is great for noodles and dumplings. Won Jo has excellent BBQ upstairs (you dont want to do this if its hot - they put hot coals in the table). There are also more on 35th Street.

Walk down to 23rd on 7th and you%26#39;re in Chelsea. There%26#39;s one neighborhood restaurant after another. 8th Ave too. You can also take a quick train or bus ride down to the Village, Soho, Tribeca...

I wouldnt call the neighborhood classy or chic but in the past 6 years almost every parking lot on 6th Ave from 33th to 23rd was turned into a high rise and people definitely live there! We dont avoid this neighborhood as much as Times Square.

thanks guys. that really helps. we don%26#39;t mind walking anywhere -- in fact we plan to walk a lot when we visit NYC. we think it%26#39;s the best way to get to know the place. i%26#39;m looking forward to checking out the places that evening suggested :^)

we%26#39;ll probably go ahead with the the apartment on 33rd. it sounds like a good deal -- $250 per night for a studio that is on a high floor and has views of the manhattan skyline. apparently you can see the top of the chrysler building from the living room.

i%26#39;ve spent endless hours scouring the vacation rental websites (vrbo, cyberrentals, craigslist, nyhabitat ... you name it) looking for accommodation on at least the 20th floor with fantastic views of the mid-manhattan skyline (i was hoping for a place with views of the ESB and/or the chrysler building). unfortunately places like that are pretty rare, especially in my preferred areas (ie UWS/UES).

i%26#39;m tired of searching now ... just want to book it and look forward to our trip to the big apple ...

thanks for all your help!

I think I may have answered your question on another forum , but in case it%26#39;s not you.....

I%26#39;d rather go for the area than the won%26#39;t be in the place long enough to start with. Hop on a subway , enjoy a cocktail from a rooftop bar and enjoy a different view every night..;)

How did you eventually find this apartment? I hope it wasn%26#39;t through Woogo!!!

Let us know how it turns out, and make sure you post pictures of the view!

See, and I go for the view and not the area. I DO spend time looking out the window when I%26#39;m at home or in a hotel - and I love a great view - of anything!

As long as the area is safe and convenient to transportation you could say the;re not going to be spending every minute in your own neighborhood, but going off in many different directions every day. So, I think you are more likely to spend the time involving your hotel in your room rather than standing outside of it!

daisiegee, yes that%26#39;s me on the other forum! thanks for responding to both posts!

i%26#39;ve discussed it with hubby and we%26#39;ve decided to go for the view ... as long as the area is safe. it%26#39;s good to know that there are nicer neighbourhoods within walking distance.

queensboulevard, i don%26#39;t think this is a woogo apartment (at least i hope not!). i found it on cyberrentals and have been in touch with the owner. with his permission, i%26#39;ve contacted previous guests for feedback and more info on the place/views from living room/etc. hopefully i%26#39;ll hear from them soon.

i%26#39;ve just booked our flights (half an hour ago!) on the excellent BA offer that stevev announced on another post. new york city, here we comeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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