Thursday, April 8, 2010

NYC Hotel Hint

I need your advise for a Hotel in New York... It will be my first time in the US (6 days in NY and 8 days in Cleveland). I want it to be perfect and ... not expensive. I%26#39;ve been looking for a good deal but didn%26#39;t find any, from an European point of view. I just need it to be nice, decent enough to take my wife and still continue married, close to metro stations ( I was told it can take us any where). My flight to NYC is scheduled to October 30. Thanks in advance.

NYC Hotel Hint

If you don%26#39;t want it to be expensive, you have to look for specials on try your luck on Priceline. Since your flight is already booked, you cannot wait at the very last minute so maybe Travel zoo would be more up your alley. Presently, they only have the specials for summer time, but eventually summer will end and the autumn specials will appear.

You could try the economy chains like Clarion, comfort inn, la quinta, red roof, econo lodge. They usually have clean hotels but no frills.

NYC Hotel Hint

';Not expensive'; by New York standards is completely different from many other destinations. Especially Cleveland.

If you are able to find a deal for $200 a night or less, you have pretty much hit the jackpot in New York. There are many places for less, but I wouldn%26#39;t say they would often be romantic get-away type places.

A few I have mentioned here in the past that I have either stayed at or have been told by friends are great, and are very affordable by NYC standards are:

Hotel Wolcott on 31st St is only a few blocks from the Empire State Building. Doing a quick check they seem to have rooms for $180 per night.

Herald Square Hotel right near Empire State Building seems to have rooms at about the same rate and is also centrally located to Midtown.

Portland Square Hotel in Times Square is decent.

Second Homes on Second Avenue is located in the edgier East Village which I am a huge fan of. And the rooms can%26#39;t be beat for the price.

Personally, I recommend to anyone Abingdon Guest House in the West Village. It is my favorite area of the city (and home) and the rooms are inexpensive yet very charming and well kept.

The Newton Hotel is on the Upper West Side on Broadway and 95th Street. It gets good reviews, especially for value. It is in a safe residential neighborhood with close by shops and good moderately priced restaurants. It is one block from the subway which can get you to midtown in 10 minutes and most anywhere in Manhattan in 30 minutes.鈥?/a>

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