Thursday, April 8, 2010

How is the Tahoe?

I just booked a 3 night stay and then read some awful reviews on TripAdvisor. According to the resort they had the rooms redone over the winter so I was suprised to read the poor reviews. Let me know if anyone has some REAL info on the place. Thanks.

How is the Tahoe?

Well as a local who spends most of my summer at the lake, I hear plenty, also I used to be a hotel manager in Lake George a couple years ago. If you want a place on the lake, be prepared for it to smell like the lake. These rooms do tend to smell damp, well you are on the lake and most people who stay in rooms on the lake swim alot, so that explains that. I recommend two things: bring your own bedding and an air freshener if you dont mind covering up the issues yourself, I recommend Lysol and/or febreeze. If you are picky about cleanliness and want perfection, stay at another hotel. Sadly I have seen alot of summer hotels who don%26#39;t change the bedding often enough. They%26#39;ll freshen up the sheets most every day, or atleast between groups after checkout, but blankets honestly are usually done at the beginning and end of the season unless visibly soiled.

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