Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Year in New York

Hi all,

We are looking to visit NY for New Year and was hoping for suggestions on where to spend new year itself. If anyone has any suggestions for budget hotels this would be much appreciated.

As of yet we do not have an itinery so any help with this would be great.

thanks in advance

New Year in New York

What price range are you looking for?

Have you tried looking to see what is available on TA.

It gives you the option to see what is under $300, under $200.

And remember you lucky Brit, The pound is kicking the Dollars


So right now a room that is $200 a night would be 108.63 British Pounds.

New Year in New York

I was lucky enough to spend last New Year in NYC . My report is here... When we go to NYC we stay at a place on the Upper West Side ( which suits us down to the ground. Great transport links and fabulous area. How long will you be staying?

We are looking at staying only 3/4 nights. We are looking to spend around 拢500ish on flights and accom.


拢500 in total for flights and accomodation each? Accomodation over New Year was expensive when I was looking last, and the cheapest flights coming up from London(on are around the 拢390 mark . My daughter is currently staying at Second Home ( and the rates there are very good, although some have a shared bathroom. She%26#39;s loving the area.

If your budget is in the GBP 500 range, I%26#39;d pick a different time to come to NYC - everything is expensive for the major holidays and NYEve qualifies as a real MAJOR. However if you put off your trip until March (not over the Easter Holidays) you could probably do quite well.

Ta. MMM!

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