Thursday, April 8, 2010

Choosing a show

I really appreciate the information about that was posted in another thread. Husband and I would love to catch a show but after seeing the extensive list of on and off Broadway shows, we%26#39;re having a hard time choosing one.

Can anyone recommend a web site that reviews or has details about the off-broadway shows? Some of the titles sound very enticing, and I%26#39;d love to find out more.

Choosing a show

You could try Playbill%26#39;s site,

Choosing a show

Thanks, sunnydaysrule.

I decided to go with Phantom of the Opera. When I was in fifth grade, this show had just opened. The choir director at my school was OBSESSED with the show, traveled to see it several times, and talked about it incessantly. She managed to incorporate several songs from the show into our spring choral concert.

It has always seemed like the quintessential Broadway show, and I%26#39;ve been curious about it ever since. I can still remember the words to ';Music of the Night!';

The NY Times ( and NY Post ( both offer free access to their theater reviews (I believe both require you to complete a registration process, but it%26#39;s free). provides information on current shows ( but not reviews, as far as I know). has information and some reviews (reviews get posted when the show officially opens but don%26#39;t stick around very long).

If you%26#39;ve never seen Phantom, you will love it! Good choice.

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