Thursday, April 8, 2010

bettina or any person thats a new yorker

please tell me any internal flight company for new york to boston


lynda uk

bettina or any person thats a new yorker

Uh, you don%26#39;t need to be a New Yorker to know this.

Just go to expedia or travelocity or whichever travel website.

Jetblue flies JFK to Portland, Maine and JFK to Manchester, NH

Southwest flies Long Island to Providence, RI

bettina or any person thats a new yorker

Continental Airlines flys from NY to Boston.

Delta flies a shuttle to Boston. The closest airport is LaGuardia. I believe they fly every hour on the half hour.

Uh, I thought she asked NY to Boston?!?!?!

Bettina, you are always so pleasant in your answers, that is why people ask for YOU!!!!

Enjoy the fireworks, everyone!

Happy 4th.

I am well aware that she asked NYC to Boston.

I was pointing out other perhaps *less* costly alternatives that people don%26#39;t think of.

NYC%26#39;ers don%26#39;t have a monolopy about knowledge about airlines from NYC to Boston. I happen to have a sister who lives in Maine.


So much for professional behavior, huh?

Is that any way for a so-called Expert to? I guess those guidelines don%26#39;t apply to you?

You%26#39;re right, I apologize.

No need to consider flying in/out of a far-flung airport: JetBlue flies from JFK directly into Boston -- and it%26#39;s a TERRIFIC airline!

The next cheapest airfare for this route is usually the Delta shuttle out of LaGuardia Bettina suggested. That typically costs $15-20 more than JetBlue, but because a cab to LGA costs less than one to JFK, the difference in the total price isn%26#39;t significant.

Just FYI: you cannot book a JetBlue flight with Expedia, Travelocity, and the like. You%26#39;ll need to reserve through its own web site, which is a pleasure to use :-)

thanks for the answers

i asked for bettina as when i went before to new york bettina was a good help

also new yorkers obvisously have a better insight

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