Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 2 Itinerary - please help

I%26#39;m trying to make the plans for our trip later this month. We arrive on Saturday the 22nd and I have nothing special planned after our noon arrival. (We%26#39;re staying in Times Square and will probably just explore the area between Times Square and Central Park.) For Sunday the 23rd, I%26#39;ve got a full day planned.

8am: Arrive at Battery Park

845: Already have tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Pleanning to do both

Question #1: How much time will it take to get there from the Doubletree Times Square if we take the subway? What route do we take?

Next stop - Brooklyn. We%26#39;d like to go to Grimaldi%26#39;s and then the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for lunch and then walk back over the bridge.

Question #2: What%26#39;s the best way to get to Brooklyn from Battery Park? Assuming it%26#39;s the subway, what route? How much time will it take? We were thinking about taking the water taxi - but not sure if you can go from Battery Park to Brooklyn. (It doesn%26#39;t look like it.)

Question #3: I was thinking about introducing some shopping... possibly going to Century 21. Is this really out of our way? Would it be better to do this before going to Brooklyn or after we walk over the bridge? Is there other shopping in the area that we should try?

Question #4: What subway route gets us back from the Manhattan side of the bridge back to Times Square?

Thanks so much for your help!

Day 2 Itinerary - please help

#1 - the ride is around 20 minutes, but I don%26#39;t think the service is that frequent at that time, so leave ample time. Take the 1 train from Times Square southbound to South Ferry station - make sure you are in one of the six front cars.

Day 2 Itinerary - please help

If you are going to both the SOL and Ellis Island, you may be ready for lunch out there - can%26#39;t imagine getting through both in much under 3 and a half to 4 hours with another hour for travel to and from - so if you do some Century 21 shopping after your touring, you%26#39;d be getting to Brooklyn around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. May want to do Brooklyn section on another day ... it will also quite probably be hot, hazy and humid - as it usually is at that time of year, be sure to have light, loose clothing, sunglasses and hats with visors - and pack some bottles of water with you. Ta. MMM!

MMM - based on your input, I think I%26#39;ll skip Century 21. Since we have the girls with us (ages 13,15), I don%26#39;t think we%26#39;re necessarily going to linger a lot at either the SOL or Ellis Island. How long will it take to get from Battery Park to Brooklyn? Is there a single subway route that goes that way or will we have to change? I might consider a taxi if it%26#39;s too much hassle.

The subway to use to get to Brooklyn depends on whether you want to go to Grimaldi%26#39;s, or just the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you just want to go to the Brooklyn Bridge, then you should take the R from Whitehall Street to Court Street, or the 4 (or 5, if it is running past Bowling Green) from Bowling Green to Borough Hall. Borough Hall and Court Street are in fact the same station, and from there just follow the directions given here:鈥?/a>

If you want to go to Grimaldi%26#39;s first, this will not be the right subway to use. Instead, take the #4 or #5 uptown from Bowling Green (enter in FRONT of the Custom House/Indian Museum.) Ride in the second or third car, and get off at Fulton Street (Why the 2nd or 3rd car? Because it makes the transfer even easier.) At Fulton go downstairs and take the C or A towards Brooklyn. (Ride in the last car.) Get off at High Street Brooklyn Bridge, and exit near the back of the train. When you go upstairs, you will be on Cadman Plaza West. Turn so that the park across the street is to your RIGHT. Walk down that street (whose name will soon change to Old Fulton Street) to the end -- Grimaldi%26#39;s is almost at the end of the street on the right.

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