Thursday, April 1, 2010

HELP! Need clarification on Statue of Liberty Options

Sorry -- I really did look this up in the search.

I get that the Staten Island ferry is free and offers views of the Statue of Liberty, but what are my other choices and costs? Do they all get off at Ellis Island? Also, where do you buy advance tickets?

OK and since I am asking, is there a double decker bus co. that people prefer? I understand there is more than one.


HELP! Need clarification on Statue of Liberty Options

It%26#39;s the Circle Line Ferry that actually stops at Liberty Island and Ellis Island. If you go to the Statue of Liberty site you can purchase tickets online. You pick them up at the ticket window at Battery Park. I would definitely have advanced tickets because it can get quite crowded. The earlier departures are best to avoid the crowds.

HELP! Need clarification on Statue of Liberty Options

The Staten Island ferry goes from lower Manhattan to Staten Island %26amp; back, that%26#39;s it.

ALthough it is free to visit SOL/Ellis Island, the ferry is not. Once on board, it stops at the statue %26amp; Ellis Island, you get off where you want.

Here is info, has all of the pertinent information. You can purchase tickets here, too:

Here is the website for timed tickets to go inside of the statue:

As far as the double decker, the popular one is grayline:

Have seen some new ones in the city, don%26#39;t know much about them.

Thank you both so much! I purchased my advance tickets for the ferry, and we%26#39;re all ready to go! That FAQ on that site was great too. Thank you sooooooo much :)

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