Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breakfast for 49

Arriving in New York 7/21 with a party of 49 mainly teenagers. Looking for a diner that is able to cope with a party that size for a typical N.Y. breakfast. Preferably in the area of West 63rd St.

Breakfast for 49

Wherever you go, you need to make advance arrangements with the diner. I can%26#39;t imagine they will or would want to accommodate you if you just walk in the door with a group that size. You might even consider splitting the group up.

You could look in for places in the West 60s. Also, it sounds like you%26#39;re staying at the West Side Y. Many groups stay at the Y, so you might contact the Y and ask their advice on a suitable place (or places) for your group%26#39;s breakfast.

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