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Coming to New york city in Mid Aug. Help!!

Im coming to NYC in Aug its 3 dudes mid 20s. Im looking for a CHEAP CHEAP but decent hotel to stay in. I have seen so many online but I dont know a good area from a bad one. We all grew up in South Central LA , so rough areas arent out of the ordinary . I just hate to NYC and get stabbed or something like that. I have seen stuff from Newark NJ to Brooklyn to Queens.. I was looking directly in the city but it seems to be about 300 a night. Were looking to spend about 130 ish at the most a nite...

Coming to New york city in Mid Aug. Help!!

Would a hostel type of place be OK? If so, take a look at this thread for possibilities:鈥?/a>

And here%26#39;s another very recent thread re: low budget accommodations:鈥?/a>


Coming to New york city in Mid Aug. Help!!

NY is really safe nowadays. The best advice I can give you is to buy a good card. I have the national geographic one. It cost 15$ but I had it forever (it is laminated) and you study it ahead of time. NY is so easy to get around because of the way it was set up. The areas are well defined and it will give you an idea in which area you would like to stay.

Everyone here raves about the Larchmont hotel and the Chelsea lodge for not too expensive options. Since you are three guys, you could look into staying in Jersey because you can take public transportation and not be afraid at night. I never would advice women to do that, but three guys in their twenties would be okay.

If your looking for a CHEAP hotel, it%26#39;s best to stay in Jersey... depending on where you stay, you can either take the bus or the path train to get to the city.... there are hotels in the Meadowlands area where the bus stops in front of the hotel and drops you off in Penn Station... or there are a number of hotels in Jersey city where you can easily walk to the path station that will take you to downtown....

how is Hoboken?

Hoboken is fine, right near the path train ($1.50 and 15 minutes to greenwich village.

Nice area, shops, resturants there as well.

Just to correct a misconception,

It is perfectly fine to stay in NJ in the Harmon Meadows area even for women even at night. The NJTransit #320 goes right into that complex.

There are no hotels in Hoboken at the moment though apparently one is being built

As for getting stabbed, someone was in subway station in midtown. So it could happen no matter where you stay. But that was an abberation and not the norm.

thanks for the info. really im just looking to stay in a cheap hotel that has a bathroom in the room. Not sure what a Hostel is like.

BRO, I%26#39;m a 25 y/o guy as well. Listen DO NOT STAY IN JERSEY! You will be raped taking cabs home or wait many hours for the path or NJ transit. Come up with the extra bucks if you can and stay in the city. Do not stay in the Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens is even pushing it.

In Brooklyn you got the marriot on adams, I think that%26#39;s gonna be up there. Good areas, close to the city Brooklyn Heights, Boreum Hill, Park Slope, there%26#39;s only like 2 or 3 hotels in those areas though. Dont even bother staying at the airport hotels, you%26#39;ll feel like your in the middle of nowhere.

Really if you%26#39;re coming to NY and want the max experience, try to stay in manhattan, I live in Brooklyn and there%26#39;s some great stuff here, but you wonder down the wrong street and you may get to meet the NYPD to fill out a souvenier crime report for the way home.

Check I see these: basically in manhattan ANYTHING UNDER 100TH ST. is a good area. And most likely 30 minutes from everything.

*some have shared baths

Belnord Hotel Lowest avg rate $89.00

New York, NY

Latham Hotel Lowest avg rate $91.00

New York, NY

Lincoln Center Apartments Lowest avg rate $99.00

New York, NY

Those are just a few. Also:


Do not drink in public, pissing is okay if no one can see you.

Check out happy hours to save money on booze.

If you ignoe the last suggestion, lots of bars on the east side are pretty cheap compared to everywhere else Finnerties on 2nd ave, Bar None on 3rd Ave, and Mc Sorelys on 7th st to name a few.

And have fun.

Lincoln Center Apartments? Afraid not... use the search function to learn more.

';pissing [on the street] is okay if no one can see you.';

A. No, it is not ok. (';ok'; for whom?)

B. Whether you choose to believe it or not, someone can always see you.

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